Dream about A Sinking House

Dream about a sinking house refers to communication and your connections to others. You need to incorporate some attributes into a situation in your daily life. You need to slow down and enjoy the moment. Your dream is a premonition for control, hope, determination, possession or endurance. You are being called on for support, either emotional support or physical support.

A sinking house is sometimes marriage, your parents, or a relationship. Fate is literally in your hands now. You are acting inappropriately in some situation. Your dream expresses health and longevity. You need to be revitalized and reenergized.

A sinking house in dream is about your creativeness or emotional nature. You need help in order to get your idea or project off the ground. You need to strengthen your ties and relationships with others. The dream is an evidence for your desire for anonymity in a situation. You do not think much of a specific person.

Dream about a sinking house is a signal for purification and blood

You are opening yourself to others, either on a mental, emotional level. You are trying to protect those around you from your personal setbacks and emotional outbursts. The dream indicates masculine aggression. You are being prevented from achieving your goals.

A sinking house suggests the division between the subconscious and conscious. You are looking for fulfillment of your needs or wants. Perhaps you are overly cautious. The dream is a clue for non-conventional thinking. Maybe you should stop talking and listen more.

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