Dream about Baby In House

Dream about baby in house is a message for a neglected friendship. You are undecided about some issue or choice. You need to exercise care in some fragile situation. This dream is an omen for telling you to flee or retreat from some situation. You are being exploited.

Baby in house is a message for your actual stress or concerns about the activity or event in real life. You need to start making goals for your future. You are on the defensive. The dream signals your determination. A person in your life may be draining your of self-confidence and your resources.

Baby in house in dream is an evidence for material loss. You need a stage or platform for your self-expression. You feel ashamed about your own feelings. Your dream denotes the repressed and dark aspects of yourself. You need to change some aspect of your life around.

Dream about baby in house is a premonition for feelings of being trapped

You need to take the negative with the positive. Something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar feelings you felt during a relationship with your ex. Your dream denotes your thirst for knowledge or information. You are feeling lost.

Baby in house is a portent for repressed thoughts and feelings. You need to focus on what somebody trying to tell you. You are pretending that everything is okay when it is not. The dream symbolises fears of not being able to keep up. You are in search of some help or advice for a problem or decision.

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