Dream about Bar Stool

Dream about bar stool expresses your primal emotional desire. Someone is talking about you. Perhaps you have mistakenly gotten too comfortable in some situation. This dream is an evidence for the fruition of some idea. You are hiding behind some persona.

Bar stool is an evidence for your feelings of superiority. You are going in circles. You may be dealing with life issues of birth, marriage and death. The dream signifies defeat over your adversaries. You may be rejecting what your inner voice or instinct is trying to convey.

Bar stool in dream signals your sense of self-worth, self-value and potential. You are being called on for support, either emotional support or physical support. You are ready to let go something. The dream suggests your generosity towards others. Perhaps your actions have been counterproductive.

Dream about bar stool is a harbinger for your idealistic notions of what a leader should be

You need more diversity and spontaneity. Someone around you will be in need of your help. Your dream suggests a fear of deprivation. You need to manage your time better and plot out your goals in a more deliberate manner.

Bar stool means your daily challenges. Someone may be sucking away your energy and resources. You need to effectively map out your action. The dream is a symbol for life or vitality. You need to be more cautious and careful about your spending and finances.

Your dream will come true !!!
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