Dream about Being Attacked By Octopus

Dream about being attacked by octopus signals some infantile need. You need to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Things have become too routine. Your dream is sadly an immature relationship. Perhaps you have been hurt or disappointed by something that someone had said.

Being attacked by octopus symbolises a fear of being trapped in some situation and not being able to get out of it. You tend to be pessimistic and see the dark or negative side of things. You are unable to commit to something. The dream is an alert for your life and bear no real significance. You are deviating too far from your original plans and goals.

Being attacked by octopus in dream is an omen for your negative ideas of anything feminine and your experiences with dangerous or heartless women. You are taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the responsibilities. You need to stop looking at things as a joke. This dream is unfortunately a warning for your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt. You may feel confined and restricted in expressing yourself.

Dream about being attacked by octopus is a warning for some tension or confrontation

You are just going along with whatever decisions are being made. You are being recognized for your abilities and talents. This dream is sadly an admonition for a person in your life who is eccentric or obnoxious. You are not ready to leave the past behind.

Being attacked by octopus sadly draws attention to limitations, obstacles and boundaries. You should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time. You may be too overly rational and not let feelings get in the way. Your dream points to pointing toward forgiveness and letting go. An aspect of yourself is unable to freely express itself.

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