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Dream about Being Floating In Water

Dream about being floating in water is a portent for the shadow aspect of a friend. You do not hold back in your relationship and tend to give your full self into it. You are in horror over something. This dream is an evidence for impotence. You are butchering or ruining some project or situation.

Being floating in water is a symbol for a sign of desperation and a cry for help. You need to rethink the risks you are taking. You need to be more in touch with your intuition and inner forces. Your dream is an omen for the path toward your life goals. Some aspects of your life is deviating from the norm.

Being floating in water in dream stands for restrictions. You are being a little show-offy. You need to release the negativity in your life. This dream is an indication for being the best. Perhaps you have been hurt recently.

Dream about being floating in water is a harbinger for completion or continuation of a familiar situation

You are keeping some information or secret that you cannot keep inside any longer. You need to conserve your resources and energies. This dream is sometimes an aspect of yourself that you are ashamed of. Perhaps you are angry with someone or at something.

Being floating in water denotes a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. It is time to rid yourself of the baggage. You are regressing and cutting yourself off from feeling emotions. The dream suggests concerns with your body and appearance. You are letting trivial matters and minor problems annoy you.

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