Dream about Being In A Dirty Place

Dream about being in a dirty place is sadly an alert for feelings of rejection or not fitting into a group. Someone in your life is having a negative influence on you. May be about a current relationship or situation that is making you uncomfortable. Your dream is a harbinger for the patriarch and perhaps some outdated views and way of thinking. You feel stifled in some way.

Being in a dirty place signals the mundane aspect of your life. You are manipulating others or manipulating some outcome. You are feeling emotionally unsatisfied. This dream is a message for some overwhelming task or emotion that you are going through in your life. You are lacking confidence in yourself.

Being in a dirty place in dream is sadly deception, fraud or some treasonable matter affecting you in a negative way. You are holding in a lot of anger. You have lost your groove or have taken something for granted. This dream hints your easy going attitude toward a relationship. You are running away from your problems.

Dream about being in a dirty place denotes a lack of confidence in your own abilities

You are refusing to accept a situation that is being imposed and forced upon you. Perhaps, you feel that something is being rammed down your throat. This dream means protection or luck. You desire independence and control of your own destiny, but something or someone is holding you back.

Being in a dirty place hints someone or something is evil. Some thoughts may be trying to bring you back to a time where things were much simpler. You are lacking affection in your life. The dream is unfortunately your overindulgences and excesses. Perhaps you are lacking courage and refuse to make a stand.

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