Dream about Being Surrounded By Police

Dream about being surrounded by police indicates an end of some negative relationship or some cycle. A person was mentally deteriorating. You may be yielding or surrendering some aspect of your self. The dream is about toughness and ruggedness. You need to take a short break to reassess your situation and determine your path and goals.

Being surrounded by police is a clue for an extension of your own self that you are projecting. It is time to forgive and forget. You are looking for support. The dream signifies your resourcefulness. You are feeling divided about an issue.

Being surrounded by police in dream is a hint for your emotional desires and your emotional appetite. Somebody is dumping all his/her feelings on you. Perhaps you need to be more disciplined. Your dream is a sign for realization of your goals or dreams. You are highly connected to your intuitive senses and psychic power.

Dream about being surrounded by police means suppressing your own needs or feelings

Some action needs to be completed before you can move onto the next phase. You need to get out and start doing. The dream is a harbinger for dissatisfaction with some situation. You are being taken advantage of in some way.

Being surrounded by police hints your anxiety about seeing the gynecologist. You have uncovered a part of yourself that you did not realize existed within yourself. You are attempting to overcome a difficult goal or task. This dream points to your spirituality. You are experiencing some conflict in your life.

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