Dream about Big Rock

Dream about big rock is a message for togetherness, friendships and happy reunions. You are able to adapt to any situation. You are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you. Your dream is a signal for your emotional energy and expressiveness. You are surrounded with creative energy.

Big rock stands for opportunities and options that you come across in life. You are enjoying life and have a bright, happy future ahead of you. You play an important role in the grand scheme of things. Your dream is a metaphor for community and sharing of ideas. If you are single, your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level.

Big rock in dream is a signal for motherly love, faithfulness, new birth or fertility. You may be expressing your desire to be more independent and self-sufficient. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength. This dream suggests your ability to receive love. There is something that you can no longer keep inside and have to express.

Dream about big rock is self-love, renewal, inner growth, optimism, inspiration and hope

You will achieve great success. You feel you are entitled to certain things. This dream is a signal for true friends and faithfulness in love. You are a person that can get things done.

Big rock signifies pleasant surroundings and joyous friendships. You are ready to confront your base feelings and explore your repressed thoughts. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions. The dream is a signal for honesty, dedication and wisdom. You are under some tremendous pressure.

Your dream will come true !!!
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