Dream about Broken Crucifix

Dream about broken crucifix expresses destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. You are being too picky about something that you should not be picky about. You are prevented from expressing your anger and other negative emotions. This dream signals issues of power/control and feelings of dependence/independence, especially in a relationship. You may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you are going in circles with your life.

Broken crucifix states what is lacking or missing in your life. You are not handling a situation in an effective way. It is time to stop goofing around and set your sights for the long term. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for your lack of commitment in a relationship. You need time away from your work to spend with friends.

Broken crucifix in dream is an omen for your passivity in a situation. You may be unable to think straight. You may be holding in your anger and frustrations, instead of expressing it. This dream is an alert for a major conflict in your life. You are expecting too much out of others.

Dream about broken crucifix is sadly a warning signal for a small problem that has blown up to be a bigger issue

You have made a wrong decision or headed toward the wrong direction in life. You are intentionally ignoring some information. This dream is about dignity, royalty, leadership, pride and domination. You are not taking life’s issues and problems seriously enough.

Broken crucifix hints a situation in your life where you are either on the offensive or on the defensive. You need to rid yourself of some negative energy in your life. You are not taking any responsibility or initiative in trying to resolve issues in your life. The dream is unfortunately trouble, loss and overwhelming grief. You are being watched or are under scrutiny.

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