Dream about Buying Gas

Dream about buying gas is sadly a warning signal for feelings of rejection. Losing your job, a failed relationship, or some situation which has played a significant role in your identity and who you are as a person. Someone may be trying to run your life from the sideline or background. This dream is sadly a warning signal for your need to take charge of your life and the responsibilities that come with it. You feel that you are not measuring up.

Buying gas is an admonition for fear and your frigid attitude. You may be spilling your guts out to others and sharing aspects of yourself which you have previously kept to yourself. You are beginning to let your guard down. This dream is a warning for your preoccupation with a problem that has given you much anxiety. You are losing your authority or effectiveness in some area of your life.

Buying gas in dream is a harbinger for some sourness or resentment in your emotional state of mind. Your emotions have not been dealt with in a productive manner and now are being expressed in a sudden and violent anger. You are lacking autonomy and independence in some area of your life. The dream is a warning signal for someone who you are overlooking. You should not underestimate yourself.

Dream about buying gas is a clue for harshness, cold-heartedness or fierceness

You are expending too much energy and are in danger of depleting your inner resources. You are ignoring the masculine aspect of yourself (if you are female) or the feminine aspect of yourself (if you are male). This dream hints an evil and merciless force that cannot be reasoned with. You are not expressing your true feelings even though you do not agree with a decision.

Buying gas points at the ending of one thing and the new beginning of another thing. You may be trying to fill an emotional void. You are unable to keep your emotions contained. Your dream is a premonition for your fall from grace and loss of innocence. You need to get out of the rut.

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