Dream about Buying Purses

Dream about buying purses points to an aspect of your former self that you still have not completely let go. You are subconsciously repeating the same old patterns from that relationship to your current relationship. Your subconscious feelings must be confronted and dealt with before it gets out of control and expresses itself in a violent manner. This dream is sadly a warning for your inability to persuade others to see your point of view. You need to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Buying purses symbolises issues related to the past. You lack the ability to stick to one thing. Your work is never done. This dream is sadly a warning signal for the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive and competitive. You are being too agreeable and accommodating to the point where your own sense of self is lost.

Buying purses in dream is a warning signal for failure in some personal endeavor or a setback in some ideal you had. Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster. The bad times are coming to an end. Your dream is unfortunately an admonition for rejection and insecurity. You are experiencing regret or remorse over your past actions.

Dream about buying purses states your coldness toward a person or vice versa

You are experiencing some emotional distress or confusion in a situation. There is something that you have stored away, but are now ready to use or express. The dream sadly draws attention to trouble, loss and overwhelming grief. Something is missing in your life.

Buying purses suggests some issue or problem that you have been rejecting and it is now eating-away at you. Not to rock the boat and to stay out of harm’s way. You need to slow down and set some time for yourself or else run the risk of collapsing from exhaustion. Your dream refers to your immature attitude. There is no one listening to you.

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