Dream about Car Falling Apart

Dream about car falling apart points at self guilt. Some message is not coming through properly. You are goals are superficial and shallow. This dream represents doubt in the choices that you are making. You feel that you have been violated or that you have been taken advantage of.

Car falling apart is a sign for a shield that you have put up to protect yourself against some emotional hurt. You are not sure about how to approach the issue. You are trying to suppress it and erase it from your consciousness. This dream sadly draws attention to being in debt and your attitudes about money, work and thrift. You are venting your frustrations and anger in an indirect and playful way.

Car falling apart in dream refers to your rash behavior or cleverness. You are feeling victimized or powerless. You are shielding yourself from anymore emotional hurt. This dream suggests how you have already incorporated certain aspects or qualities. The prosperous time will come only after you endure some of the difficult times.

Dream about car falling apart is a warning signal for a hidden part of yourself that you are trying to reject and push back into your subconscious

You are still trying to feel out some situation. You are trying to locate a hidden aspect of your own self. Your dream represents a conscious effort to achieve whatever endeavor you chose to undertake. You are having an extremely difficult time with weighing out your options and making a decision between two choices.

Car falling apart denotes feelings of vulnerability or a fragile state in your life. You are not utilizing your fullest potential and strengths. There is a situation where you are seeking acceptance and wanting to be a part of. The dream is a sign for losing your soul. You are being overindulgent or overly emotional.

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