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Dream about Casino Chips

Dream about casino chips represents your direction or position in life. You have a tendency to not finish what you started. You need to open yourself to others and allow others to get to know you. The dream points at your strong hold or grasp of some situation. You need to calm down over some situation.

Casino chips suggests filth and dirtiness, either physical or emotional. You may be feeling guilty. Something or someone is holding you back, but you have yet to realize it. Your dream is a portent for hugs and kisses. You need to be mindful of other’s feelings.

Casino chips in dream is sometimes your sister or a female figure in your life. You may be starving for love. You need to be careful about your next step. This dream is about your current relationship views or status. You approach situations or problems with both hostility and unstoppable determination.

Dream about casino chips is a symbol for your own soul and self

Perhaps your strength or will is being put to the test. You need to be more accepting. Your dream is a clue for convenience and practicality. You need to look to the past order to learn from it.

Casino chips represents your need for more balance in your life. You are being oppressed and overpowered by others. You will be recognized for your work. The dream is a metaphor for fear and insecurity. You are looking for an outlet to express your personal thoughts and experiences.

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