Dream about Chewing Stone

Dream about chewing stone is sadly a warning for a growing problem in your life, especially if it is not dealt with properly. You are not being completely honest about something and fear being exposed. There may be some failing situation. The dream is an omen for money being received. You are feeling weary and emotionally drained.

Chewing stone is a warning for a lack of freedom in some aspect of your life. Some unpleasant memory or obstacle is trying to hinder your path to self discovery. You need to acknowledge and confront the issue in order to complete your transformation and achieve wholeness. This dream is unfortunately a warning for your ideals and your strive for perfection. You need to learn from the past and not make the same mistake again.

Chewing stone in dream is sadly a warning for your fast paced life as you try to balance several things at the same time. You are unable to relax. You may be too confrontational. The dream unfortunately draws attention to how you distance yourself from others as a way of protecting your own feelings. You are confronted with an unfamiliar problem that you do not know how to approach and resolve.

Dream about chewing stone is a warning signal for how you are performing in various aspects of your life

You are ready to rid yourself of your old ways and undergo a transformation. Betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about your interests. The dream signals some shocking and dreadful news that you are about to receive. You don’t let stress and pressure get to you.

Chewing stone suggests your unwillingness to understand some issue. Something will not go according to your plan. You have been holding back some negative emotions and thoughts for too long. Your dream signifies an emotional void or inner emptiness. You may be deceived by the false appearance of someone.

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