Dream about Cleaning Cow Dung

Dream about cleaning cow dung is a warning signal for feelings of rejection or a sense of not belonging. You just want time alone with your thoughts or ideas. Your libido is stronger than the person that you are with or vice versa. Your dream is a sign for the negative aspects of your own self that you are ashamed about or not proud of. You are ready to rid yourself of the extra weight, negative habits and excesses that are holding you back.

Cleaning cow dung is a hint for your lacking sense of self-worth. You need to work through the difficulty and overcome obstacles in your life. You feel that you are being judged and are tired of pleasing others. The dream symbolises your one-sided viewpoints. You are experiencing some tension that needs to be released.

Cleaning cow dung in dream means your lack of privacy. You are letting your guard down in a situation where you need to be more vigilant. The troubles you are experiencing are only temporary. Your dream is your aspirations of being a leader or role model. Only good things can happen from you telling your crush.

Dream about cleaning cow dung is sadly an admonition for missed opportunities

Someone else is sad because of your actions. You are too overly concerned about what others are thinking and doing. Your dream is sadly an alert for an awkward situation that you are trying to avoid or overlook. You are overly concerned about an unimportant issue in your real life.

Cleaning cow dung stands for past mistakes and regrets in your life. You are repressing or denying a vital aspect of your expression. You are letting minor things bother you. Your dream is sadly an alert for sadness and trouble. You are trying too hard to adapt to this new attitude.

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