Dream about Cleaning Poop

Dream about cleaning poop expresses worries of bothersome tasks. You are experiencing a major setback in life. You need to learn to forgive yourself. The dream stands for an end to something and the beginning of something else. There are many forces working against you.

Cleaning poop means your need for spiritual enrichment. You need to defend and protect yourself. You are calling or signaling for help. Your dream is about someone who is slick or smooth. You are confronting some emotional issue or dealing with your subconscious.

Cleaning poop in dream is a portent for concern and worries in some area of your work. You need to be more cautious. You need to go deep into your subconscious in order to unearth your hidden feelings and desires. Your dream signifies your values and belief system. You energies are being drained.

Dream about cleaning poop stands for your ambition

Someone or something may trigger some emotional memory which you still need to confront and work through. You need to be more divisive. The dream is a metaphor for a conflict with your mother or some dominant female figure in your life. You are being overly indulgent and living a life of excess.

Cleaning poop stands for your hidden talents. You need to cool off or that you need to keep your cool. You are being deceived by someone or by some situation. Your dream is a sign for your emotional state. You are feeling emotionally detached from others.

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