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Dream about Cockatiel

Dream about cockatiel stands for confidence about achieving your goals. You may be expressing some aggressive feelings toward others. You may be feeling anxious or feeling the need to hold together a particular relationship. The dream is a metaphor for peace of mind, enlightenment, tranquility, fortune, goodwill and insight. You may also be elevated to a prominent position.

Cockatiel stands for new hopes, growth, desires, knowledge and life. You are surrounded by true friends. You are seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. Your dream is a message for the unknown and the subconscious. You have power issues.

Cockatiel in dream denotes excitement, thrills and joy. You need to you move on from past. You are emotionally stable and healthy. The dream is a sign for a new found flare in your life. You are refusing to see the danger in a situation.

Dream about cockatiel symbolises your hurtful and cutting comments

You are a people pleaser. You are having a claim to something. Your dream signals a memory of a person in your life who is very intelligent. You are drawing from past experiences and putting it to use in your current situation.

Cockatiel is an evidence for masculine power, dominance and energy. You are seeking your own individuality and development. You may be reflecting on the positive experiences and good times that you shared with your past love. This dream is a harbinger for your intuition or instinct is very strong and that you need to follow it. You will receive help from an unexpected source.

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I had a dream about cockatiel, dream went like this.. My neighbour kid brings 2 cockatiel in his hands one is yellow and one is sky blue in colour he let the sky blue one to sit on my shoulder, the birds are very polite they didn’t fly from our shoulders..but … That neighbor kid opens my house door and in the entrance a cat was sitting there she looked upon my shoulder and her gaze stopped at that sky-blue cockatiel.. I literally ran to save this bird but I ran in to corridor but bird fly away


I had a dream with a white cockatiel yellow head with 2 grey lines on his tail feathers.it was unique.i touched it he wasn’t scared of me.is this my guardian love angel? I will never know but it feels like it♡


Last night, I dreamt there was a yellow cockatiel on the other side of the window. It wanted to come in, but couldn’t. It felt like it was trapped there. I felt sorry for him to be there. I had to let him in. So I managed to let him in. And then, he flew towards me and came on top of my head or shoulders, I forgot this part. It felt like a very powerful dream.

Sheila G

I had a dream about sitting near an open window and a blue macaw flew in and landed on my shoulder looking me in the face with a grey cockatiel on his back. The cockatiel jumped onto the floor and hopped around and the blue macaw talked to me. Then he proceeded to tear a hole in a large pillow and jumped inside the pillow. He was still talking to me, but he was muffled. Once he was able to get out of the pillow he followed me into the garage. He just kept talking, but I did not understand him.


I had a dream I was giving a driving lesson and the kid went off a bridge. When I got out of the passenger seat to get in the driver seat, I seen an injured cockatiel at the edge of the river. I went to help the cockatiel and forgot about my vehicle.

Gabriela Angelleena Rodriguez

I had a dream that I was walking into my living room as if I was looking to meet someone, and then I. see right in. front left side of me a beautiful cockatiel, yellow and gray color, a very cute, excited face starred back at me. I fell in love with it immediately, I walked over to get close and touch it and within minutes the dream started to fade into another dream.. ..I was so happy to see it.

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