Dream about Colorful Leaves

Dream about colorful leaves means your value system and the things you hold sacred. You are acknowledging and embracing key qualities in one another. You are ready to talk about something that you have been keeping inside. This dream states your ability to express your emotions. If you are single, your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level.

Colorful leaves points at an end to some aspect of your life and the beginning of something new. You need to interject more excitement and thrill into your life. Perhaps you are putting on an act or a facade. The dream is a signal for a working relationship which has many different possibilities. You are worried about what is ahead in your future.

Colorful leaves in dream represents divinity and a higher consciousness. You have significant influence on others. You are ready to confront your emotions and make the connection between the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself. This dream stands for sensuality, love and romance. You want to be one with nature.

Dream about colorful leaves is your siblings, children or other family members that you feel the need to protect and to keep from harm’s way

Someone in your life is taking credit for your work. You are opening up yourself to a new level of spirituality or consciousness. The dream is a portent for your goals of a family. You to seek help from others.

Colorful leaves is an evidence for purity and innocence. You are having issues with closeness in some relationship. You are feeling small or overlooked. Your dream is a hint for purity, intellectual stimulation, spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. You are ready to reveal some deep emotion.

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