Dream about Cow Teeth

Dream about cow teeth hints the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive and competitive. You are being pressured and pushed against your will toward something you do not want to do. Something that may seem innocent or insignificant is suddenly becoming a problematic issue. This dream stands for the inevitable. Something may be hindering or slowing your progress.

Cow teeth stands for selfishness or the feeling of not getting your fair share. A situation may look tempting and inviting, but it is in actuality very difficult to handle and control. You are ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions and other negativities. This dream denotes the negative aspects of your childhood. A close friend is trying to prevent you from making a bad decision.

Cow teeth in dream is a hint for death, transformation, or changes. You are trying to avoid an issue, responsibility or situation that is causing you emotional pain. No one can get in your way. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for a lack of communication with a person. You may be trying to express some feeling or have something awkward to say that has to be carefully packaged.

Dream about cow teeth is unfortunately being too buttoned up or refrained

A current situation is paralleling a past situation. You are having difficulties communicating your emotions or thoughts. The dream suggests low self-esteem and feelings of being unworthy. You are not willing to leave the past behind.

Cow teeth is sadly a warning alert for complete control over your emotions. Your life is going out of control. You need to slow down and take things down a notch. Your dream is a premonition for bitter disappointments. Your intuition telling you that something is wrong.

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