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Dream about Dead Child

Dream about dead child is unfortunately a warning alert for desperation, despair, extreme sadness and sympathy. You need a distraction from the demands of everyday life. You are feeling burdened by the expectation of others. The dream is a warning for evil and destruction. You do not need to be afraid to face the situation that is killing you.

Dead child is an alert for security, nurturance, protection and feminine qualities. You are struggling with your spirituality, your practicality and your passions. You need to find your own way in life and not follow someone else’s path. The dream is an evidence for some woman who is behaving or acting like a tramp. You are trying to persuade someone toward your side or your point of view.

Dead child in dream sadly draws attention to some unfinished feeling in your life. You feel that somebody is somehow disappointed in you and in the decisions you made. You are not owning up to your responsibilities. Your dream unfortunately draws attention to a lack of respect or taste. Something may not be what it seems.

Dream about dead child is a warning alert for your unexplored, underdeveloped, or undisciplined power

You need to search for some elements that are not clear. You feel lost. This dream is sadly a warning signal for a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situation. You are dwelling too much on trivial matters, causing your attention to be diverted from important issues.

Dead child unfortunately draws attention to your goals and your go-getter attitude. You are not expressing yourself in a healthy manner. You need to set your sights higher. The dream signals the clearing away of old habits. A situation or person in your life is having a negative impact on you.

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