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Dream about Dead Pregnant Woman

Dream about dead pregnant woman signals a stinging remark or situation. You are trying to move on to the next phase or stage without accomplishing all the necessary steps. There is some problem that you need to patch up or some emotional wound that you need to bandage up. Your dream is an admonition for a lack of spirituality in your life. Something that you had thought was left in the past is coming back to haunt you.

Dead pregnant woman is your desire to escape from the pain of reality instead of confronting them. You need to keep quiet before you put your foot in your mouth. Your life and daily routine is becoming too repetitious. This dream is an alert for an error in judgment or a mistake that you have made. Perhaps you are acting stupid and need to wise up.

Dead pregnant woman in dream is unfortunately a warning for feeling down or depressed. You are on a set path and are unable to veer off course. You may need to let down your defenses. This dream is a portent for disappointments and negative changes in your life. You may be too harsh on yourself or of others.

Dream about dead pregnant woman signals someone who is consumed by their passion

You are trying to shield yourself from some emotional situation. You are suffering from low self-esteem. The dream states someone who is loony or crazy. You are being too controlling.

Dead pregnant woman is a warning for your independent nature and your tendency to reflect on your thoughts alone. You are unable to shed some burden. You need to proceed carefully and weigh all the pros and cons of your decisions. Your dream is an indication for someone who is devoid of any emotion. You have made a poor judgment and are facing the consequences.

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