Dream about Dying In Quicksand

Dream about dying in quicksand is unfortunately a warning alert for ignorance, negative habits and of your shadow self. You are involved in a situation that is destructive to your well being. You are not expressing your feelings effectively. Your dream is a hint for some communication issue that you are experiencing. Do not judge people according to their appearance.

Dying in quicksand denotes your initiative to regain control and take steps toward the direction of your goals. You are not measuring up to others’ expectations of you. You are acknowledging your negative emotions. Your dream is a message for your desires to blend into the background and not be noticed. You may be trying to seek out new meanings to life.

Dying in quicksand in dream signals a growing problem or issue. You need to accept the positives and leave all the negativity behind. You are lacking affection in your life. This dream is a message for a primitive and shadowy aspect of yourself. Someone is not being open about their motives or feelings.

Dream about dying in quicksand is an admonition for feelings of rejection by society

Your senses have perceived something that you have overlooked or dismissed. You are not motivated by material things. This dream suggests a lost of identity, direction in life, security or spirituality. Someone is undermining your ability.

Dying in quicksand is unfortunately disappointments or unexpected failures. You are feeling empty, worthless, or insignificant in your life. You are no longer deriving as much joy from some aspect of your life as you used to. The dream hints a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems. You are feeling awkward and insecure.

Your dream will come true !!!
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I’ve dreamt of attempting a funeral of unknown little blonde girl which was still alive and instead burrying has sunk in quick sand. The atmosphere was relaxed and grey.


Thank you. I have a new wonderful partner that takes care of me so much I don’t have to move a finger and am therefore losing independence.