Dream about Dying In Sleep

Dream about dying in sleep unfortunately draws attention to a negative turn in business and in health. Someone in your social circle may not have your best interest in mind. You are avoiding some issue or situation that is being symbolized by a person. This dream is sadly your desire to escape from the pain of reality instead of confronting them. You are oblivious to your surroundings or ignorant of some situation.

Dying in sleep is a premonition for your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt. You need a strong-willed leader to guide you. You need to slow down and think through your choices. Your dream is a message for your lack of judgment and your gullibility. You are experiencing some emotional conflict or are having difficulties in expressing your feelings.

Dying in sleep in dream means your tenacity and refusal to give up. You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. You are trying to phrase your thoughts in a way that is going to be presentable or more palatable. The dream refers to your shaky foundation. Something you value is being washed down the drain.

Dream about dying in sleep refers to some unresolved issue which you are not addressing or are refusing to acknowledge

You are keeping in some negative emotions and attitudes that need to be released and expressed. You are being overly lackadaisical about a situation or problem. This dream is unfortunately a warning signal for your concerns, fears and anxieties about the future. You have forgotten your true self or your family roots.

Dying in sleep is unfortunately a warning alert for something or someone who has slipped out of your hands. You may find that those around you are ready to support in your whatever you do or decide. You are lacking this quality in your life. Your dream is a hint for your tendency to keep your feelings to yourself. You are not using your head.

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