Dream about Eating Bean Cake

Dream about eating bean cake is an indication for a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. Someone or something is pulling you down. You will succeed on your own power and your creative energy. This dream is a signal for a prior relationship that you still cherish and look back fondly on. You need to warm up to somebody or some situation.

Eating bean cake states your connection to work or to the virtual world. You are living beyond your means. You are going with the flow. The dream is a harbinger for a memory of a person in your life who is very intelligent. You are surrounded with creative energy.

Eating bean cake in dream indicates your enthusiasm and uplifted spirit for some matter or occasion. It is time to take a more decisive role in directing your life. It is time for you to face the truth. Your dream signifies a recap of what is happening in your life. Your fear of making mistakes is preventing you from experiencing life.

Dream about eating bean cake is a premonition for the beauty you find in others

It is time to call up old friends and catch up with what they are all up to. You are enjoying life. The dream signals femininity and your sense of emotions. You are doing something that will be good for everybody.

Eating bean cake is a portent for the inner child and its fantasies. New opportunities are now opened to you. You are pursuing a new path or goal. This dream is a sign for your wedded bliss and happiness. Whatever you are looking for in life seems to be moving away from you.

Your dream will come true !!!
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I saw my self at a bean cake seller’s shop,I bought small ones and ate it fast and it was not enough so I asked for bigger ones