Dream about Forgetting Phone Number

Dream about forgetting phone number is a signal for some decision that you need to make about where you want to go in life. An aspect of yourself needs to be set free. You need to listen up. The dream is an omen for your state of mind and feelings. You are afraid of losing what you have.

Forgetting phone number symbolises a message from your subconscious or your higher self. You are trying to relive or hold on to something in the past. You are getting another opportunity or chance. The dream is a sign for the things in your life that you need to put to rest and let go of. You may be faced with an approaching deadline.

Forgetting phone number in dream signals your desire to fix a situation or relationship. You to get out and expose yourself to new interests and activities. You are dealing with criticism about your self and your body. The dream is a sign for regression or repressed thoughts. You are wasting your energy on fruitless endeavors.

Dream about forgetting phone number represents feelings of insecurity or inadequacy

Someone in your life may be threatened by you. You are being misled into thinking that you are in power or that you are in full control. Your dream draws attention to an improvement in your current situation. You need to tread lightly around certain people or risk offending them.

Forgetting phone number refers to difficulty in your love relationship. You are going off track. You need to literally breakdown some walls that you have put up around you. Your dream is a message for a welcoming, acceptance and acknowledgement. You need to literally clean up your act and get back on track.

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I dream I am trying to phone my best friend but can’t remember her phone number or I keep calling the wrong numbers….

Stacie Rees

Every night, I have a dream that I need my mother for support or guidance but, I can’t remember her phone number. I was wondering what this might mean. My mother is alive and well and lives in my house by the way. Thank you