Dream about Friend Puking

Dream about friend puking is a symbol for a desire for something new and different in your life. You are good at offering your advice to others. You are open-minded about the new journey or phase in your life. The dream means inner peace. The opportunities for advancement are opened to you, but you need to take the next step.

Friend puking is about your desires for peace and serenity. You are freely expressing your femininity. You need to look at things from a different level in order to gain a new perspective. The dream refers to a reserve a energy that you are waiting to exert. You are displaying much strength and stability.

Friend puking in dream is a message for physical and emotional nourishment and energies. Perhaps you are waiting for your perfect lover. An open communication is key to the relationship. This dream points to fertility, growth and emotional maturity. You are enjoying the good things in life.

Dream about friend puking is a symbol for the parting or absence of a loved one

You are experiencing a rebirth. If you are single, your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level. This dream indicates spiritual awakening, wisdom and intuition. You are trying to maintain a delicate balance.

Friend puking is an indication for wealth and good fortune. You or someone is diverting attention away from the real issue. Important changes are about to occur. Your dream denotes the power of your subconscious. You are feeling mortified.

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