Dream about Gifts Falling From Sky

Dream about gifts falling from sky hints your desires to attain a balance in your life. You are setting your sights on a new goal. You are experiencing some issues with guilt. The dream states aspects of yourself. Are being given some wise advice you should follow.

Gifts falling from sky symbolises your housing situation. You are doing something that he may disapprove. Perhaps you are overly analytical. This dream is a signal for communication and your connections to others. You are being taken for a ride.

Gifts falling from sky in dream is a harbinger for feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. Perhaps you need to get moving on some decision or goal. Your ego is inflated. This dream symbolises your approach to life. You are feeling inadequate or insecure about some aspect of your life.

Dream about gifts falling from sky signifies the different sides of your personality

You need to let go of your guilt or bitterness in order to grow. You need to evaluate who your true friends are and who are negative energy. Your dream signifies your present stage of life. You need to adopt some new approaches into your life.

Gifts falling from sky means your quest to get ahead in life. You need to consider the overall picture. You are on the verge of an emotional outburst. This dream is a hint for your laid-back attitudes. Perhaps your actions have been counterproductive.

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Dreamt about seeing the sky with twinkling and beautiful stars lining up with different colors and suddenly gifts like toys foods and envelope with money are falling from an airplane which has beautiful lights as well and people are catching it but I was the first one to receive a garbage bag with full of papers and small amount of money because some thought it was just a garbage