Dream about Giving Handkerchief

Dream about giving handkerchief symbolises broken engagements and sadness. You need to take control over your life and behavior. You have reached some new level or stage in your emotional or physical life. The dream expresses some deep sadness in your life. Perhaps you need to change your attitude and approach regarding a new idea or project.

Giving handkerchief signals trust in relationship. Perhaps someone is looking for your help in something. Perhaps you are trying to hide from someone. Your dream is a signal for an aspect of yourself that is surfacing from the subconscious. Someone who you thought was your friend may actually be working against you.

Giving handkerchief in dream is sometimes your perspective changes from the first person to the third person. Some action needs to be completed before you can move onto the next phase. You need to experiment with your fears, choices and beliefs. Your dream draws attention to wish-fulfillment. You are rubbing others the wrong way.

Dream about giving handkerchief expresses your nurturing attribute

It is time to let go of old habits and put those ideas to rest. You need to show restraint and control in your feelings. Your dream is a clue for a warning or a call to order. You are an idiot or call somebody one.

Giving handkerchief symbolises the extremes of two things. You are afraid of losing something that means a lot to you. You need to take a break from whatever you are doing. The dream is a premonition for how you are in a position to provide help to others. You are tackling some obstacle in a roundabout manner.

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I saw myself given a blue handkerchief to a girl I am thinking to marry. Please what do you think about the meaning.