Dream about Got Burned

Dream about got burned signifies a transformation or some change in your life. You have a firm grasp and good understanding on a situation. You are longing for the child within you. Your dream signifies your ability to receive love. You are undergoing a significant change in your life.

Got burned signals an exploration of your subconscious mind. You are searching for some peace and quiet. You are open to new experiences. This dream is a sign for mystery, richness, smoothness. or some alluring quality. You are expressing your primal emotions and instincts.

Got burned in dream is a message for excitement, lust, or sensuality. You may be acknowledging and embracing both your feminine and masculine aspects of self. You are touched by some higher source. Your dream is a message for your expanded awareness and a deep-level personality development. You are feeling tense


Dream about got burned is sometimes a happy home life and good hospitality. You are unwilling to change and evolve with the times. You are emotionally sensitive and easily irritable. This dream means joyful pleasures, peace, prosperity and fertility. Life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer.

Got burned is a portent for honesty, dedication and wisdom. Your integrity is being called into question. You are feeling calm. The dream is an omen for primal attitudes, the subconscious and love. There is something you thought you have left in the past that is still haunting you.

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