Dream about Having A Pet Elephant

Dream about having a pet elephant is unfortunately a warning for the young, the helpless or the under-developed. You are wishing for a more simplified life. You don’t understand where others are coming from and feel that their perspective is skewed. Your dream means a situation in your life which may be painful or hurtful. You feel like you want to hide from the world and be left alone for awhile.

Having a pet elephant is unfortunately an alert for your own feelings of self-worth and being accepted. It is time to let go of some bad habits or a harming relationship. You are trying to rid yourself of old, negative habits and bad characteristics. Your dream is a hint for a lack of privacy in some personal matter. You are not being genuine.

Having a pet elephant in dream is a warning for a lack of strength. You have a tendency to copy other’s ideas/beliefs. You are trying to work through a difficult time. This dream is money being given or lost. Something or someone is weighing your down and hindering your progress.

Dream about having a pet elephant represents someone who is stupid or lacks common sense

You are lacking autonomy and independence in some area of your life. You are feeling sluggish and emotionally drained. The dream is unfortunately an alert for your carefree attitude. You are trying to cut yourself off from the world.

Having a pet elephant draws attention to the patriarch and perhaps some outdated views and way of thinking. You are feeling low and sad. You are the chosen one or the one that is chosen for the job. This dream is a portent for something that needs to be documented or recorded. Your emotions have not been dealt with in a productive manner and now are being expressed in a sudden and violent anger.

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