Dream about Having A Pet Kangaroo

Dream about having a pet kangaroo represents commitment issues. You are experiencing a lack of autonomy and independence. You are looking for some reaffirmation, encouragement and approval from others. This dream refers to emotional tension or your need for emotional release. You are not utilizing your full abilities and skills.

Having a pet kangaroo is a symbol for speed, agility and athleticism. Your subconscious feelings must be confronted and dealt with before it gets out of control and expresses itself in a violent manner. You have avoided your feelings for too long. This dream is a portent for your tenacity and refusal to give up. You are being overly defensive.

Having a pet kangaroo in dream is unresolved problems that need to be worked out with your friend or family. You need to get away from the demands of your daily life. You are confused or unclear about where you are headed in life. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for your lack of self-confidence. Some aspect of your self may have been prevented from fully developing.

Dream about having a pet kangaroo is unfortunately a warning signal for your tendency to mislead people

You don’t understand where others are coming from and feel that their perspective is skewed. Ou are not taking things seriously enough. This dream represents aspects of yourself that you find repulsive and ugly. You are being recognized for your good character.

Having a pet kangaroo is an admonition for the multiple aspects of a problem and the various angles of looking at the problem. Something in your life is not working out the way you want it to. You may be experiencing frustrations and an inhibited spirituality. Your dream suggests fear, anger, aggression and your quick temper. You have a tendency to get what you want.

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