Dream about Having Stomach Ache

Dream about having stomach ache is a signal for your ability to make something out of a single block. Better times are ahead for you. You need to be more cautious in some situation. This dream means your actual life experiences and memories. You have much belief in yourself.

Having stomach ache is a clue for your passive aggressive nature. You are looking for intimacy or emotional fulfillment. Perhaps you are having regrets over a decision you made. The dream is a signal for your many resources. You may be rejecting what your inner voice or instinct is trying to convey.

Having stomach ache in dream stands for a situation where you are fighting for your survival. Something is interfering with your personal esteem. You need to alter your reasoning and make a stronger argument. Your dream states your adaptability to a situation. You are trying to escape the responsibilities of your everyday life.

Dream about having stomach ache is an omen for the aftermath of some emotional release

Perhaps you are not proud of something you have done. You may be feeling at home or settled at your new job or environment. Your dream is a sign for some major change. You are feeling victimized.

Having stomach ache is a metaphor for your perspective changes from the first person to the third person. You need to look at the overall big picture. You are mindlessly agreeing to things and going along with everything without questioning it. The dream is about fertility and the womb. You need to look at the overall picture on some issue.

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I dreamed about me having a serious pain in my left side of stomach, and a woman was directing me to drink a herbal medicine.