Dream about Male Lion

Dream about male lion is a symbol for some advice about a situation or relationship. You are longing for a better or happier place. You are too scattered. Your dream stands for your ability to work and cooperate with others. You need to be more in touch with your femininity.

Male lion is sometimes your desire for pureness and to be cleansed. You may be on the path to dependency. You are doing something despite being told not to do it. Your dream suggests rebirth, regeneration and fertility. Perhaps you hope that you are not like a specific person and are making attempts to get rid of those traits within your own self.

Male lion in dream is an omen for your maturing mindset. You need to find a safe way to express your feelings. You are refusing to see someone else’s viewpoints. The dream points to your emotional desires. You become consumed by your passion.

Dream about male lion states the character or persona that you portray in your life

You need to heal some emotional wounds so that you can continue to grow as a person. You need to be both receptive and communicative in some work situation or personal relationship. The dream signals minor and temporary setbacks that are keeping you from getting to your destination. Perhaps you need to be patient.

Male lion is a portent for the sacrifices in your life. You need to be more expressive about your feelings. You need to organize certain aspects of your life. Your dream stands for your insecurities and self-esteem issues. Opportunities are closing off to you.

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