Dream about Mopping Water

Dream about mopping water points to your fear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. You are feeling awkward in a situation. You or someone else may be putting restrictions on you. This dream is a symbol for a situation where you feel powerless and frustrated. Do not let any obstacles sidetrack you from your destination.

Mopping water is a harbinger for the difficulties you have in verbally expressing your thoughts. You are struggling for your independence and autonomy. You are lacking emotional and intellectual stimulation. This dream is an admonition for an inescapable death. This death may be symbolic to an end to some situation, habit, or relationship in your life. Your idealistic notions are deteriorating or being shattered apart.

Mopping water in dream is an alert for conflict and aggression. There is some problem that you need to patch up or some emotional wound that you need to bandage up. You are too accustomed to your old habits and way of thinking. The dream is unfortunately a warning for ideas or skills that you have forgotten and can draw from in a current situation. Something is not what it seems to be


Dream about mopping water is a premonition for loss of power and control. Some situation or emotion is threatening to come to the surface. You feel a need to defend or protect yourself or your surroundings. This dream sadly draws attention to pent up frustration and anger. You are on the defensive about something and may be a little overly aggressive about it.

Mopping water signals financial frustrations. You are deviating too far from your original plans and goals. You are losing your peace of mind. Your dream is a symbol for your flexibility in some situation. You are putting forth a hard exterior and not letting others in.

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