Dream about Old Bicycle

Dream about old bicycle is a metaphor for unproductivity. You are in trouble or in a sticky situation. You need to be more resourceful. The dream is a message for your desires to escape from your daily burdens. You are in denial about something and living in a world of your own.

Old bicycle signifies your desires to feel a connection with a person or with some aspect of yourself. You are carrying the burdens of others on your shoulders. You are discovering old talents or skills that you have been casting aside. Your dream denotes how you function and how you run your life when confronted with challenges. You may be seeking some guidance in the course of your actions.

Old bicycle in dream is a portent for some message or gossip that is being conveyed to you. You may be proclaiming your innocence in some situation. You have difficulties accomplishing your tasks and goals. This dream refers to boundary between your personal self and your public self. You need to learn to stand on your own.

Dream about old bicycle hints your leadership skills

You are feeling pressure from those around you who want you to do something that you are not comfortable with. You need to make the best out of a bad situation. Your dream is a message for the undiscovered part of yourself. You need to acknowledge yourself in some area or situation in your life.

Old bicycle is an omen for abundance, longevity and fertility. Perhaps you need to show more passion or be more open with your emotions. Anger often masquerades as fear. This dream refers to forgiveness. You need to let go of some grudge.

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