Dream about Picking Pens

Dream about picking pens is unexpected opportunities that will come your way. You need to keep your life in order. You are expressing some health concern. Your dream means loss or a fear of losing a loved one. You feel that you are being questioned in some area of your life.

Picking pens signifies faith, charity, hope, perfection, idealistic love and fertility. You are preoccupied with something in your mind that is causing you much anxiety. You are content with the way your life is going. This dream symbolises your need for intimacy and affection. You are being modest or conservative about some aspect of your life.

Picking pens in dream points to your new found spiritual awakening. You are looking for a quick and easy way to get things done or to accomplish your goals. You are striving for goals that seem beyond your reach. This dream is an indication for spirit and creativity. You are experiencing a lot of stress and tension.

Dream about picking pens is a symbol for raw energy, power, fertility or emotional drive

You are being slick or sly. In order to have success and make it happen, you need to be able to visualize it. Your dream is a metaphor for some drama you are experiencing with your family or friends. You need to confront your weakness and stand up to the challenges ahead.

Picking pens is an omen for your ability to balance your goals and your family life. You want to leave a lasting impression in some area of your life. You feel that you are on the outside. Your dream is an omen for natural protection. You are discovering a new aspect of yourself.

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