Dream about Plantain Leaf

Dream about plantain leaf is a message for your nurturing character. You are mindlessly agreeing to things and going along with everything without questioning it. You need to join or incorporate certain characteristics into yourself. This dream is an evidence for the sacrifices you have made. You are doing all the work to make it easier for others later on.

Plantain leaf is a portent for your over-involvement or obsession with your work. You are experiencing some inner turmoil and need intervention. You need to delve deeper in order to find the truth. Your dream represents ruggedness and durability. You are looking for a better perspective on something.

Plantain leaf in dream refers to some emotional adventure or relationship. You still care for her/him even though the two of you are no longer together. You are harboring guilt over a relationship or you are looking for a happier life. The dream signals your desires to attain a balance in your life. You to get out and expose yourself to new interests and activities.

Dream about plantain leaf is an omen for your physique

You are nervous about a situation. You tend to leave things to chance or fate. The dream is a sign for your desire of escaping from your own reality. You are trying to discover your own place in the world.

Plantain leaf hints your need for clarity in some situation. You are headed down an undesirable path. Your thinking or judgment is being clouded by your emotions. Your dream symbolises temptations. You need to pay attention to or focus on some goal or urgent matter.

Your dream will come true !!!
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