Dream about Pushing An Empty Stroller

Dream about pushing an empty stroller represents your sense of helplessness and frustration in some situation. Something in your life does not feel quite real. You are trying to get someone to reveal certain information or secrets. The dream hints a major conflict in your life. Some connections may be giving you a false sense of community or feeding into your feelings of inadequacies.

Pushing an empty stroller points at a lack of trust. You are piecing together aspects of yourself and acknowledging those previously rejected parts. You are projecting your negative feelings onto someone else. Your dream represents situations where you have been less than honorable and may have acted in a devious manner. You are experiencing a loss in strength.

Pushing an empty stroller in dream hints your acceptance of an idea, condition, or situation. You are lacking an outlet to express yourself. Perhaps you need to slow down before you hit disaster. This dream expresses issues related to the past. Perhaps things are moving too fast and you are unable to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

Dream about pushing an empty stroller is sadly an admonition for some overwhelming task or emotion that you are going through in your life

You are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions that you are making. You may feel the need to be protected and cared for. This dream is a sign for your defensive stance about some situation. Your feelings are repeatedly being belittled, undermined or unacknowledged.

Pushing an empty stroller is a signal for lost innocence. You are sorting things out and carefully thinking it over. You may be too concerned about what other people think. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for unresolved fears or doubts that needs to be confronted. You have an exaggerated sense of self-worth and self-importance.

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