Dream about Raisin

Dream about raisin is a symbol for your goals and your approach to life. You always compare yourself with others and look at what other people have. Perhaps you prefer solitude. The dream expresses your positive attitude, your potential, the possibilities and your drive for success. You are wanting to end some relationship or situation in your life.

Raisin indicates your free and independent spirit. You want things to run more smoothly in some area of your life. You feel uprooted by a particular circumstance or relationship in your life. Your dream signifies sorrow and lost love. You and your friend share so much between each other and know so much about each other.

Raisin in dream is about clarity and truth. There is a message that you need to absorb and incorporate in your daily life. You are rising above a situation. This dream refers to your confidence and attitude about being number one in whatever you do. You want to be one with nature.

Dream about raisin is a harbinger for renewed vitality

Perhaps you are overly confident in your abilities. Perhaps you are feeling out of touch with those around you. This dream is a portent for intuition, personal growth, power and influence. You need to be more compassionate and understanding in some situation or relationship.

Raisin states serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. You are revealing your true self. You are putting past issues to rest or past relationships behind you. Your dream is an indication for ease, relaxation and comfort. Something from your subconscious is about to emerge or be revealed.

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