Dream about Red Koi Fish

Dream about red koi fish indicates a transitional phase of self exploration. You are letting others push you around. You need to accept yourself along with your imperfections. Your dream represents stagnant emotions. Perhaps you need to incorporate aspects of your friend with your own self.

Red koi fish refers to a more youthful aspect of yourself. You are stuck. You are trying to capture some idea or concept. The dream is a premonition for your spirituality and expression of your feelings about divinity. Someone you love has passed away.

Red koi fish in dream signifies chaos and disorder. Perhaps you regret something you did. You need to look at a situation much more closely. The dream states your need for self-gratification. You are welcoming any new changes that occur.

Dream about red koi fish is dissatisfaction with some aspect of your home life

You are seeking acceptance of your own identity. You have set your sight on a goal or path and are taking a firm stance on your beliefs. The dream is about an unwelcome guest. You need to draw out all the details of a situation before you make a decision about it.

Red koi fish suggests your high level of self-confidence. You are being challenged. You are accepting or acknowledging some aspect of yourself. Your dream represents your ability to dig into your subconscious and learn from it. You need more motivation and encouragement.

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