Dream about Rock In Water

Dream about rock in water signifies completion of your tasks. You are going around in circles in some area of your life. Your current lifestyle is doing you harm. This dream is a metaphor for some struggle or division within your social circle. You are experiencing feelings of self-doubt.

Rock in water states your nurturing attribute. You are experiencing some temporary setbacks. You need to be on guard and on the defensive. Your dream is a clue for disloyalty. You tend to go along with the group.

Rock in water in dream draws attention to a female point of view. Your sense of power is being threatened or compromised. You are trying to relive or hold on to something in the past. The dream is a sign for the basic necessities and comforts. Your primal desires and repressed emotional urges are coming to the surface and needing to be satisfied.

Dream about rock in water means the beginning of new changes in your life

You need to proceed carefully into some situation or relationship. You need to exercise caution in some aspect of your life. The dream is a premonition for a major transition in your life. You do not want to hear some truth.

Rock in water denotes spreading the word of God. You are tyring to find your role in a situation. You have some sort of crush on someone. This dream is a premonition for feminine power and mystique. You may exhibit some sadomasochistic desires.

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I had a dream about someone giving me a cup of water from a rock. The water was actually from inside the ro CK and the person fetch and gave me a cup to drink


I had a dream I was on a rock in a wide range of water and there were little rocks around the rock. And I was trying to cross over and I tried to put my feet on the little rocks to jump away but as I brought my feet to the rocks it would fell like they (rocks) would go under the water and I was afraid to put my feet on the rocks because I did not want to sink. And I tried a couple of times but I exper8the same thing everytime and when I lifted up my head I saw some white ladies in a car smiling


I dreamt I was watching a huge boulder being moved by a crashing wave – from one end of the ocean to another. I’m standing shocked to see such a big rock being moved by a wave.


I was on a cliff wanted to jump into the water. Then this rocky cliff started to retrogress then the rock became soil and plants started germinating on their own. Then i spoke words “el semente” . i looked it online it means seed. But what buffles me is the meaning of the dream.

Andy Anderson

I dreamt of struggling to walk on moss covered rocks that were submerged in water.


I dream of walking on some rocks in the water and talking to some people about some construction or engineering work.