Dream about Scary Old Woman

Dream about scary old woman is an indication for your housing situation. You are feeling down on yourself. You are being pulled unwillingly into confronting some suppressed thoughts. The dream is a symbol for your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. You are experiencing doubts in yourself.

Scary old woman is an omen for your desire for fame and fortune. Perhaps, you need to acknowledge your feminine side. You are about to reap the benefits of your hard work. The dream is a symbol for something that you are dying to say. You don’t need to try to limit yourself.

Scary old woman in dream expresses your maturing mindset. You need to make some new changes to your habit or lifestyle. You are ready to make a major change in your life. The dream is an omen for your hot and quick temper. You are undecided between two choices you have to make.

Dream about scary old woman suggests healing energy and acts to unify forces between the spirits of the earth and the air

You may be looking down on a person. The information that you are receiving from others is being filtered. Your dream stands for unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. You need to be more direct with your personality.

Scary old woman is a signal for your willingness and drive to work hard. You need to be more mainstream. You are harboring some pent up anger or aggression. This dream is a premonition for your desire to recapture or relive a certain moment in your life. You are keeping your temper in check.

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M Chan

My dream is about being in an old house that was renovated and still looks dirty and I was commenting that the flooring still looks dirty though the colors complement with the new look of the house. Then it directed me to a room with my parents who are saying good things about me and suddenly directed to people whom I don’t know and I was looking at a young girl and tried to be friendly when suddenly it gets dark and I was confroting an old scary lady who was laughing at me


I dreamt that I was in my room but it didn’t feel like a dream it felt like I was trapped in another spiritual realm. There was an old lady who had an evil energy and was smiling crookedly at me while she was walking out of my room