Dream about Shooting A Stranger

Dream about shooting a stranger is unfortunately an alert for anger, spite and contempt. Something is not right or normal about a situation. You are confused about your purpose and direction in life. This dream denotes characteristics in someone that you find within your own self. You are in an unhealthy or destructive relationship.

Shooting a stranger is a signal for feelings of guilt for what you have, while others are struggling for their livelihood. You are overly preoccupied with trying to find out something about yourself, your reputation, or your self-identity. You need to be better organized. The dream is unfortunately an admonition for defeated hopes and a dark, gloom outlook in your endeavors. A current situation may be forcing you to confront issues of your past.

Shooting a stranger in dream is unfortunately a warning for an error in judgment or a mistake that you have made. You are moving too fast toward attaining your goals. You need to devote more time to a relationship, family duties, project, or other situation. This dream draws attention to some aspect of your life that is not clearly defined. You are needlessly working twice as hard or doing double duty.

Dream about shooting a stranger is a symbol for a flaw or weakness in your thinking

You are emotionally cold or withdrawn. You are feeling left out, excluded and ignored. The dream is a warning signal for an issue that you are moving over and not confronting head on. You are keeping too much inside and as a result, you are feeling trapped.

Shooting a stranger symbolises some tension or confrontation. Somebody can help you solve certain problems that you are stuck on. You may be feeling lost and still trying to find yourself and your purpose in life. The dream is a sign for your lack of willpower. You feel that the problem has a stronghold on you.

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