Dream about Slug

Dream about slug points to your willpower and internal strength. Love is just around the corner. You are evaluating and assessing your personal relationship. This dream is an indication for wisdom, faithfulness, longevity and loyalty. You are giving up control of your own body.

Slug is a hint for solace, security and peace of mind. You are reevaluating your goals. You are recognizing certain unexpressed energy, particularly issues dealing with fear, aggression, etc. Your dream is a symbol for a person who is great looking or perhaps you are lusting after someone. Something major is happening in your life that you need to prepare for it.

Slug in dream is a metaphor for destiny or some magical, spiritual force. Your subconscious is telling you about some hidden truth or family secret that needs to be uncovered. You are feeling disconnected from life and society. The dream refers to fresh new ideas. You are going with the flow.

Dream about slug points at dissatisfaction with the physical side of your relationship

You need to reach out and touch someone. Good things will be at your grasp. This dream is a hint for pleasure, riches, ambition and spiritual protection. You will use underhanded means to achieve your goals.

Slug is an indication for gains and profits. Someone is paying attention to the steps that you are taking. You feel you are above other people. This dream is an omen for your talents and your ability to communicate with others. You may be battling fidelity or loyalty issues in a relationship.

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I was walking down a hall in a school and slugs of all different sizes were crawling on the floor. I was wearing black patent leather heels and attempting to avoid stepping on the slugs and the slimey trails they were leaving behind. I was getting more and more anxious as I proceeded. Meaning?


I had a dream where I was in my room and a flying slug appeared and I let it go and found out late it was wroth a million.I got it back and put it in my purse to turn in.I then say that God is bringing my blessing in slow because I’m immature. Next thing I’m getting a psychic reading and she is telling me I’m going to be traveling to work for a company that pays thousands a paycheck. I look at her cards and see a fire about two or three times. I then look and there were three more rare slugs


I was happy with the close ones and then I just lied down on the grass in a park. When I got up there were slugs stuck to me in my neck, hand and I was taking them off.