Dream about Snake Biting Lip

Dream about snake biting lip is a portent for your inflated ego. Your ways of thinking may be outdated. You are resorting to tricks and superficial means to get ahead, instead of on your merit and accomplishments. The dream is a warning alert for the primitive and instinctual aspect of yourself. You are going through a period of difficult times.

Snake biting lip unfortunately draws attention to destruction and unforeseen danger. A situation is not as bad as you had anticipated. You are feeling detached in your personal relationship. This dream denotes feelings of being eating alive by work, a relationship or a situation in your life. You are overcoming your negative feelings.

Snake biting lip in dream is a premonition for areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you and hurting you in some emotional way. There is a prickly situation that you need to overcome. Perhaps you are experiencing some self-doubt or that you are not good enough. This dream is a portent for the monotony and routine of your daily life. Your subconscious may be trying to get your attention about an important message that you are refusing to acknowledge in your life.

Dream about snake biting lip represents your struggle with issues of fear and guilt

You are trying to repress your immoral thoughts or behavior. You are feeling withdrawn and distant. This dream draws attention to your anxieties and insecurities over the notion that loved ones might disappear out of your life. You are experiencing a period of healing and an end to the negative ideas in your mind.

Snake biting lip is a premonition for poverty, lack of mobility, or misunderstanding. There is a void in your life. You need to step away from a situation that will harm you. This dream is sadly destruction and frustrations in your life. It is time to utilize your potential and be more assertive.

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