Dream about Snake In Cage

Dream about snake in cage is a sign for suppressed emotions that are on the verge of spilling over into your conscious and creating a negative influence in your daily life. Your old thoughts and outdated beliefs are dying. You may feel outnumbered or pressured and are unable to deal with this situation. Your dream sadly draws attention to your ability to yield in your decisions and your way of thinking. You are wrong about something.

Snake in cage is a harbinger for a situation, behavior or condition that you need to avoid. You are trying to get to the bottom of a current situation or the root of your problems or feelings. You are being misguided in some area of your life. Your dream sadly draws attention to cleaning from your troubles and problems. You may be looking to fill a void in your life.

Snake in cage in dream is unfortunately a warning for an idea that has emerged from your subconscious. You may need to take a friendlier approach toward a situation. You may be needlessly spending your energy in a fruitless endeavor. This dream indicates intense feelings of anger and rage. You are overly possessive and maybe too clingy in a relationship.

Dream about snake in cage is unfortunately primal urges, animalistic desires and basic needs

You are lacking communication skills. You are letting a situation dominate you or dictate how you behave. The dream is an omen for your fearlessness in fighting off your opponents, while maintaining your ethics and rights. Something in your life has been ignored or is no longer of any use.

Snake in cage is unfortunately a warning alert for a loss in your feminine power. There is a situation in your life that has not yet been resolved. You need to try and find the humorous side of a situation especially when things seem to get too intense. Your dream draws attention to your lack of independence. You have been hit with a hard with some painful truth or shocking experience.

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