Dream about Someone Being Jail

Dream about someone being jail sadly draws attention to your desires to reach out to someone. You need to fix some problems in your life. You are not being clear in how your express yourself. The dream draws attention to carefree attitudes and a life where your desires will be happily realized. You are not motivated by material things.

Someone being jail is unfortunately a warning for harshness, cold-heartedness or fierceness. You may be holding in your anger and frustrations, instead of expressing it. You have overcame your fears to the point where you can now chuckle at it. Your dream is the ending of one thing and the new beginning of another thing. You may be suffering from some emotional or psychological clutter.

Someone being jail in dream sadly draws attention to the importance or lack of importance that you attach to certain objects or persons. You want to keep an idea hot or a project on track. You are not expressing yourself in a healthy or effective manner. The dream is unfortunately the feminine and her hard cold barrier that sometimes need to be broken down. You are not acknowledging some aspect of yourself that is represented by your cousin.

Dream about someone being jail is a hint for feelings of doubts, greed, guilt, unworthiness and envy

You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. You may be feeling emotionally wounded and are trying to cover/shield your hurt from others. Your dream signals your need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding. Dropping everything to tend to someone else’s needs without hesitation.

Someone being jail is an evidence for your helplessness and powerlessness in some situation. Your goals are set too low. You need to work through the difficulty and overcome obstacles in your life. Your dream is sadly a warning alert for your environmental awareness or that you need to be more environmentally conscious. You are proceeding toward a situation despite the risk.

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