Dream about Someone Cutting My Nails

Dream about someone cutting my nails hints intellect, physical strength and the sun. You are feeling peace of mind. You need a fresh, new perspective on some issue. The dream is a message for awareness. You need to be more determined in certain areas or important phases of your life.

Someone cutting my nails points at companionship and provide a form of comfort. You still need to piece together your thoughts and emotions. You are at a great height in your work place or school. This dream indicates renewal and clarity. You need to come to an understanding or some sort of middle ground in order to move forward with your life.

Someone cutting my nails in dream suggests your confidence and self-esteem level. You have determination on your goals. You have attained a new level of awareness. This dream denotes a sense of freedom and liberation. Good things will be at your grasp.

Dream about someone cutting my nails represents the emotions that you are keeping inside

You will play an integral role in an important upcoming project. You will hear some indiscreet activities from that person. The dream suggests a transcendence into a realm of higher consciousness. You are moving ahead in life on your own terms.

Someone cutting my nails refers to satisfaction with a current project. You are expressing your emotions in a positive way. Perhaps, you are feeling threatened in some way. Your dream is characteristics and personality that you chose to display to the public. You will experience much success through your perseverance.

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I had a dream where someone I like(not sure if he likes me too) is resting beside me and my lil sis after fixing something at my house when all of a sudden he was hurt when I was playing with his hands and my nails hit his wound and he told me I had to cut my nails since it’s too long. But then I told him to cut it and he did. (I even removed some things under my finger nails that doesn’t belong in there in the middle of his cutting)