Dream about Someone Giving You A Kiss

Dream about someone giving you a kiss is an evidence for your identity or self-worth. You are feeling distant from your girlfriend/boyfriend. You need to investigate further what aspect or component of your life you need to let go. The dream is a signal for harmony in your domestic life. You need to learn to hold certain things back.

Someone giving you a kiss is a sign for some memory or something that you need to always remember. You are ready for a committed relationship. You are short-changing yourself of your accomplishments. This dream is a signal for a fear of being found out or caught in the act. You are nervous about a situation.

Someone giving you a kiss in dream is a harbinger for something in your life that is within reach, but continues to escape your grasp. You need to be less passive and stand up for yourself. You are looking at your problems from a different perspective. Your dream states your dislike for that person. You feel you can let your inhibitions go and forget about the cultural mores.

Dream about someone giving you a kiss is a premonition for self-restrictions

Your emotions are clouding your judgment. You need to literally pick yourself up and move on from the past. The dream is a metaphor for a sense of security and belonging. An aspect of yourself may still need some developing in order to achieve fulfillment.

Someone giving you a kiss points to your unrealized goals. You are straying away from some commitment or relationship. You may have been given a second chance to regain what was previously thought to be lost. The dream is sometimes some female in your life. You will encounter obstacles, questions and difficulties, but it is necessary for growth and progress.

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