Dream about Someone Killing A Bird

Dream about someone killing a bird is sadly an alert for something that is inferior in quality. You or someone is looking for help, but don’t know how to go about getting it. You may be overlooking something that is in plain view. The dream stands for your need to shut out a person in your life who has been using you. You are detached from your surroundings.

Someone killing a bird is unfortunately an alert for your wish to return to a life where you had little responsibility and worries. You are holding on to far-fetched and outlandish ideas. You are trying to overcome difficulties in your life and achieve inner development. The dream is a portent for for you to recognize and acknowledge some repressing feelings. You are letting your emotions guide your decisions.

Someone killing a bird in dream points to your primal instincts and reactions toward life, food, etc. You need to communicate or re-establish contact with someone from your present or past. You may need to let down your defenses. This dream is an alert for confusion about your own self-identity and your sense of individuality. You have lost your self-identity.

Dream about someone killing a bird draws attention to the limited time you have to react or to do something

You may be closing yourself off from new experiences or shutting yourself out. You are trying to reestablish your reputation, by renouncing your previous activities. The dream is sadly a warning alert for a lack of respect or taste. You need to get rid of something in your life that is causing you much sickness, distress, or negativity.

Someone killing a bird is an evidence for docility and conformity. You are lacking a sense of belonging. You may need to change your old habits and old ways of thinking. This dream is unfortunately a warning for growth, abundance and financial gain. A lack of privacy in some area of your life.

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